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Click on each cover to see a sample.


Click on each cover to see a sample.

Web sites

Written for National Academies of Science:

Cynthia Breazeal home page with links to other pages

Written for American Museum of Natural History:

Goodbye Pavement, Hello Sand (Sample 1, Sample 2)

Rubber Blubber Gloves

Dive Into Worlds Within the Sea (Sample 1, Sample 2)

The Mixed-Up Microbe Mystery

The Adventures of George Amato, DNA Detective

Create a Coral Reef

DNA in a Blender

Edible Earth

More or Less Than a Billion

Written for Scholastic Inc:

Soar with Bars: Night Fliers of the Skies

Classify Insects: Zoom in on True Bugs

Animals, Adaptation, and the Galapagos Islands: Discover with Darwin

Written for Sesame Workshop:

Nurturing Curiosity

What Personality!

Celebrating Silliness

Stay-at-Home Dads

Big Brother, Little Sister

Written for Thirteen/WNET Online:

F. Scott Fitzgerald

A'Lelia Walker

Teacher materials

Click on each cover to see a sample.

For Thirteen/WNET Online:

Concept to Classroom: Tapping into Multiple Intelligences

For Thirteen/WNET Online with National Geographic:

AFRICA Teacher's Guide

For Thirteen/WNET - NATURE series:

Reptiles - Sample Cover

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