Celebrating Silliness

April Fools’ Day is almost here… And I can’t wait! Thought you’d enjoy my latest parenting column for Sesame Workshop – Sesame Newsletter “April Fools Fun” — in which I recount some of the recent pranks that have been pulled on me by my kids, Finian and Olivia. Hope you find it enlightening and inspirational. As always, feel free to add your Comments below. I’d love to hear of any wonderful practical jokes that you’ve pulled — or that have been pulled on you. Before I go, I stumbled on this short video of a sweet baby getting “pranked” by his cruel parents —The Art of the Tart (What cracks me up is that the baby keeps going for the lemon, hoping that it might actually test better on the second or third try.)

Jordan and His Favorite Pranksters

paper airplane and crumbs