SCIENCE STUNTS: Dr. Dazz, Olivia and More

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Calling all curious kids! My latest book SCIENCE STUNTS explores the magic of science—and the science of magic. Sci-fi writer and inventor Arthur C. Clarke wrote “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” Some science tricks today would have seemed like witchcraft hundreds of years ago. (Tangent: Check out this amazing, true story of how famous magician Robert Houdin actually stopped a rebellion using the science of electromagnetism.)  As a child, I loved performing magic shows at birthday parties as “The Great Jordini.” Around that time, I also became fascinated with science experiments that had a big razzle-dazzle factor. So, when I was asked to write a kids science book that showcases the fun side of physics, I jumped at the opportunity. I did a bunch of research to find an engaging collection of science explorations that illustrate physical phenomena such as gravity, motion, heat, magnets, sound, light, and electricity. I was thrilled when my CRAZY CONCOCTIONS illustrator Anthony Owsley agreed to create wonderfully wacky illustrations again.

The book is hosted by Dr. Dazzleberry (“Dr. Dazz,” to those in the know), a physicist and magician who wears a rhinestone-studded tuxedo. He was inspired by some of my heroes, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Penn Jillette. To help Dr. Dazz explain “The Science Behind the Stunt,” I created cartoon versions of Isaac Newton, Galileo, and Albert Einstein. (In the Acknowledgments I had fun telling this talented trio: “If there are any errors between these covers, I blame you guys for not jumping in a time machine and correcting them.”)

My daughter Olivia, to whom this book is dedicated, graciously agreed to demo some of the experiments from the book in a series of YouTube videos. Take it away, Olivia!!!

Wooden Block Tower

Laser Light Bend-o-Rama

Fire and Ice



paper airplane and crumbs