The Fun Side of Fatherhood

Hey, it officially summer! I hope all the fathers out there had a terrific Father’s Day. I know I did. Despite my daughter being hit with a wave of nausea at 4 AM (read: “projectile vomiting”), the day actually turned out quite well.

My kids, Finian and Olivia, gave me some sweet, heartfelt cards they had created in school, including one of Olivia’s footprint with a little poem about how I should walk slowly, so she can follow in my footsteps (awww…)

And my family gave me a generous gift to push me in new culinary directions. While I’m pretty sure I never uttered the phrases “barbeque smoker” and “I’d really love a” in the same sentence, this gift was surprisingly fun – and the resulting ribs and chicken were bursting with flavor. The best part was assembling it with Finian, who LIVES for figuring out how things work. Speaking of Father’s Day, you might enjoy my latest parenting column for Sesame Workshop (see PDF below). Would love to hear your thoughts and reactions — feel free to post them below.


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