My Daughter, The Superhero (and Kindergartner)

For the first time in ages, I visited a comic book store. My daughter Olivia, age 4, was with me. She stared eagerly at all the superhero images. I called her over to a particular rack and said, “I think THIS comic book looks interesting. Want to read it with me?” It was the latest edition of DC Super Friends.

I explained that my friend Sholly Fisch had written this comic book. She gave me a look that said, “And your point?” I flipped to the back pages, specifically the Letters to the Editor section — and asked her to look carefully at the page:

She grinned when she saw the photo in the upper left corner. It was HER dressed up as Wonder Woman. She asked me, “Did you tape that picture in there?” When I said “no,” she asked, “Well how did it get there then?” I explained that my friend heard that she loved to dress up as WW, and suggested I email that picture to him, so he could put it in his comic book.

This fall, Olivia started Kindergarten — and frankly feels like a superhero there maybe 10% of the time. There are still sometimes tears when it’s time to say “goodbye” and she only had one ride on the bus and that was enough for her. “Too noisy!” “Too many kids” “What if I get left on the bus?”

Thinking about Olivia’s important but difficult transition, I devoted my latest parenting newsletter for Sesame Workshop about the experience of trying to ease her transition to elementary school. Hope it’s helpful to any parents out there with children facing resistance to this new experience.


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