Pranks for the Memories (Aprils Fools’ Day Redux)

For most folks, APRIL FOOLS’ DAY is a fleeting holiday, often ignored and even shunned. This year, on April 1, some people were praised for theirĀ masterful leg-pulling, while otherĀ publicationsĀ got in trouble.

Normally, I have a blast creating little jokes and playing tricks on friends and colleagues. This year, however, I was so busy with work (no small feat in these trying times) that I didn’t even get to play a single trick. Another reason for my “humor abstinence” during AFD this year was that I was mildly concerned that if I encouraged AFD tricks in our home, my 8-year-old son Finian would go completely bezerk with clever hijinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery. He’s a picture of my Master Prankster off-duty.

Anyway, this seemed like a fine time to share some “classic” parenting columns I wrote for Sesame Workshop in honor of April Fools’ Day (SEE PDF FILES BELOW). These essays celebrate the joy and importance of developing your kids’ senses of humor. Hope you enjoy the silly stories therein.

I’d love to hear about any April Fools’ pranks that you sprung, (or were sprung on you) this year. Feel free to share such stories via a Comment below.

A Sense of Humor? Ha! (2007) – Sesame Family Newsletter (PDF)

Celebrating Silliness (2005) – Sesame Family Newsletter (PDF)

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