Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!

Fall officially begins today, and this photo says it all — autumn is awesome!

In honor of this new season, you might enjoy checking out my latest parenting column for Sesame Workshop’s web site. Sesame Family Newsletter   It features some fun stories about ways that I celebrate this time of year with my kids, Finian and Olivia.

As you probably know, today is one of the two days a year when, in the Northeast U.S., there are 12 hours of sunlight, and 12 of night. The other “12/12” day is in the spring (March 20). I once heard that you the Spring Equinox makes it possible to make a raw egg stand on end. I’ve tried this from time to time and was amazed. Then, after reading this link, I learned that another belief I deeply held is hogwash. Read on, if you’re curious…

Egg Balancing on the Spring Equinox?!

Have a great fall! And don’t be afraid to post your comments.


paper airplane and crumbs

Comforting a Scared Child

As the world mourns the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC, I thought you might appreciate reading my latest parenting column for Sesame Workshop’s web site. (Click below for PDF file) I welcome any comments. 

Sesame Family Newsletter 9/11/08

paper airplane and crumbs