Thou Shalt Laugh: Remembering George Carlin

I’ve always admired satirist Paul Krassner’s credo: “Irreverence is my only sacred cow.” As many top comedians have demonstrated, with the right attitude and approach, almost anything can be a source for humor. No one proved that with more finesse then the late George Carlin, who passed away yesterday at 71.

As a kid, long before I dreamed that I would major in the study of humor in college, I loved Carlin’s remarkable combination of ballsy irreverence and intellectual rigor. I sometimes wondered what would have happened if Carlin can become a professor rather than a comedian. Not doubt, he would have waited until after he had tenure to publish his treatise on the “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television.”

In tribute to this great funny man (and apparently really nice guy, from what I’ve read in his obits), here is one of my favorite routines, in which Carlin takes on “The Ten Commandments.”

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